Monday, September 29, 2014

Baby girl Sundress

I love sewing baby clothes as is so addictive. No fiddling with fit, use very little fabric, so fast. 
Instant prettiness!
Pattern is Lisa Lam's Happiness halter playsuit-dress version. I really loved her kids booklet patterns and couldn't wait to have a go, making Izzy a summer dress. I had to grade to fit 3-6 months as the pattern age starts at 1 year old. ( Izzy is only 2 months old)

It was the first time I ever graded a baby size (and I didn't had any baby clothes to compare) Honestly baby sizing was a black hole with so many variations as adult clothes. It was a completely 'blind',   'make up as you go along' experience and learned so much. In the end it is a little bit too long on the body but I think I understood the process.

Baby slash pockets, seriously fun!
Adjustable straps.
Fabric is from Art Gallery Drift by Angela Walters and I used some Brazilian lace.
Stash bursting! I have so many quilting cottons to use. There is a lovely quilting shop near my house and every time I go there to buy some thread or zippers I  end up buying at least one fat quarter.

I'm a 'quilter dreamer' LOL. You know when you love something, plan, talk about it, follow people, buy all the materials/tools but never get around to actual make it anything.

I linked the art gallery distributors in the UK instead of a particular shop as I feel If you liked that fabric too you may want to find it from a local store. One of the things I love about British culture is the "Shop Local" mentality. Support your high street.

The inside view:
My goddaughter is so adorable. She really cheered me up when I last went to see her.
I was having a terrible week of back problems around Owop  week( I end up not sharing my week- no one need to see selfies of me in my handmade pjs for 7 days). Lucky I felt better after rest/ medication/taking things easy and carried on with my life. I cannot control terrible pain episodes but I can control how I can react to it.  Another brit thing I have incorporated into my life. 'Keep calm and carry on'!

I have loads of delicious fabric to sew for her, anyone have patterns ideas? 
Ps: Nothing I need to grade! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mission Maxi Tank top

I don't like to bin good fabric so I keep my scraps and try to use them, mix and matching different prints. I really loved this top but never got to wear... I took to my Mission Maxi class in July and somehow it got lost. I have no idea where this is. * sniff sniff sniff* Where is the lost and found for handmade outfits?Lucky I had some pictures on my camera.  Instead of the fiddly bias finish, I used the sweatshirt method, similar to adding a ribbing.
So have you sewn something and not had an opportunity to wear because you misplace it, lost etc?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pattern Anthology Neptune Scuba Tee

Hello darlings,
I'm taking part of the latest Pattern Anthology tour. For those that never heard, it is a design collaboration between; Shauna, Kate, Melissa and Andrea. Together they create a collection of 4 patterns sold together (at great price) for a few weeks. 

I felt super privilege seeing a preview and picking my favourite for the tour. It was hard because I wanted to try all the patterns. I never sewn a pattern from those designers so I was super excited. 

My choice was SEE KATE SEW Neptune, a knit hi-lo tee, with cutouts on the neck and sleeve.  Cute and full of possible variations. To make it my own, I  sewn in a some floral scuba, quilted my sleeves and removed the neck binding.

I bought 1,5 m of this scuba fabric from walthamstow market at Saeed's (I'm thinking content wise is about 93% Polyester/ Nylon, 7% Spandex).

Fabric chat: Scuba can be often be referred as neoprene. I think they are different fabrics. Neoprene has different thickness available, generally double resulting in less drape. Scuba lycra content make ironing a challenge but it's brilliant to sew. No hemming required making it perfect for cut outs. 

You can use scuba on most patterns calling for stable knits like ponte or double knit.  If not, you must adjust the sizing. This pattern has a stretch test ( a printed chart you can physically see if the fabric stretch enough). The pattern calls for  less than 30% stretch like interlock and cotton spandex.

There a large variation of percentage of stretch on scuba fabrics so I recommend getting a sample of the scuba fabric you intent to buy, and see if it would be suitable. If you wanted something very fitted, you would need  something like Scuba Jersey Spandex. That type of scuba is what you see on most RTW outfits. 

I kind like the fullness of a loose shape so I blended my sizing from M on the top and L on the bottom just as a design choice (since I'm a balance hourglass shape and my hips would fit on the size M)

I loved the volume! Perfect for skinny jeans or hot pants! And the sleeves? So relaxing quilting them. 

I used the direction - angle of the triangle to start my lines, quilting the traditional crossing diagonal lines 1 inch apart (2,5 cm) and all my quilting friends (and readers) would be proud of my accuracy.

Yeap, I have drawn my lines on the back!  Ha! And I used a stretch thread as I'm sewing straight lines.  With the low percentage of stretch sewing the seams on zig zag wasn't necessary but I did it anyway. I also used a NEW ball point size 90 stretch needle.  No missed stitch in sight! 

I didn't sewn the cut out insets facings, I did hem it by folding and sewing close to the edge. I didn't hem the neckline or the hem! Love scuba, this took me only 2 hours to sew!  I have followed the pattern instructions on the rest.

I got some left over and I wanted to make Tessuti Esther shorts but didn't had the time before my holiday-last of summer sewing.

 Have you sewn with scuba? If there a fabric you are excited to sew next?
Pattern Anthology sells their collections for a limited time at a 40%+ discount. You can purchase this collection now through October 6th. Get more details HERE. 8 Days a Week sewing patterns  

Sabra from sew a straight line Rachel from House of Pinheiro Melissa from Melly Sews Stacy from Stacy Sews Trinh from Sweet Cheeks Designs Kate from see kate sew Dixie from Dixie DIY Abbey from Sew Charleston

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mix print Clover

I have a complete different look (for me) to share with you... I have sewn a loose shape dress and let me just let it out: I love it. So much I already sewn another version and I'm trying really hard to not  sew only this dress in case I run the the risk people thinking I have something to hide... lol! Nope!

I only wear loose shapes belted but the secret to avoid loose shapes looking potato-sack-like is to have it well fitted at the neck and shoulders.

The clover dress pattern is the newest pattern from Papercut (with Brooke Tyson). An actual RTW dress from her collection made available as a paper pattern. Yeah! 

The raglan sleeves when sewn are a bit kimonish but the bust inset makes the pattern so versatile. Specially to mix prints. Those fabrics were bought with completely separate plans. The graphic silk print was the most recent purchase {1 metre bought in Portugal}. The red dots  was acquired during this trip in 2012.

The idea to mix those prints actually started because the main fabric I wanted to use wasn't enough. Like always, I tend to buy too little fabric. 

Situations like that tends to stretch my creativity. It's a creative process. My mind loves fixing problems. I love working under pressure. Some of you said they loved how my work had flourished during the project sewn competition.

By breaking this print in a drop waist curve reinforces my intention. Feels modern! This was a very easy sew and I recommend for total beginners. Size wise my usual papercut size: Small. I been wearing with a belt and it will be perfect to layer for this transition fall weather.  

Have you been trying different outfits and styles that you aren't used to? Have you been surprise by something unexpected that you sewn or bought lately?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Studio Take over: Tilly Towers

So you have heard, there is a new studio in town. What a better 'inauguration' opportunity than call your friends over for a sew in sunday! More like a studio take over: Tilly Towers is officially the best place in town!

We took our personal projects, favourite bits and bobs {my stitch in the ditch presser feet caused a little stir} and food... a lot of food (just a small representation pictured)

There are homemade sausage rolls peeps!
Janene, Jane, Winnie and I meet at the station. I'm awful for directions and my answer to everything is grab a taxi... Lucky a nice guy gave us direction and we had Jane's drawn directions on her notebook to keep us in check. We arrived after a short walk and were taken inspired by the building industrial clean look. Very fashionable for small creative business. Forgot to take a picture as I just wanted to go in and have a cuppa.

What a "in brand' tea lady... seven normal teas and one earl grey please.

Alana so kindly set it up all our machines so we were really set to go. 

What projects were we working on? Hear from everyone here and here. 

As you can see, we have actually sewn! Some did anyway... I was too busy being Me and didn't kept still. Poser!

Took a little while for me to sort out my bobbin... it keep loading unevenly. Any excuse to just not keep quiet! GBSB wouldn't never let me join... LOL! "30 minutes to go and Rachel still on that bobbin..."

Maybe I should have followed Karen's lead by bringing some knitting.

She wasn't the only one.

I went home with my project almost finished with only facing and hemming to do.  Both me and my twin were using the same chambray, just in a different shade, and wearing blue "ikat" print.

Loved watchings those ladies in action... how awesome is Katie's print? She does have a great taste in fabric. Watch for the outfit I will make with what she gifted me. (fabrics not pictured) 

I left the day with 3 lovely pieces of fabric... So much for a fabric diet! Freya arrived late to the party but gave us some insights on what she is working on. It's a treat!

We close this lovely sunday with some bubbly.


It was one of my favourite weekends. A sewing holiday needs to happen!

I got a little game for you... Can you guess the owners of those adorable pincushions? 

Pincushions do tell a story don't they? Share yours #takeoverpincushion